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Combo Leuku - Review
24th February 2010

Combo Leuku

I thought it was about time I put another review up on the site, many of which were carried out last year, but finding the time to write them up and take images is rather time consuming, which is fine when I get a few moments.

As I always say at the beginning of my reviews, this is going to be jargon free and easy for everyone to understand, even those who are new to the subject of bushcraft or tools which are used in this area.

Today we look at the Greenman Bushcraft Combo Leuku.

When I’m teaching bushcraft it is usually essential to carry a few tools for various crafts that I cover throughout the day, such as carving and other camp crafts, but when exploring on my own I don’t like to carry very much equipment, I find a good quality bushcraft knife is usually enough, but sometimes I find the need for a small hatchet for limbing fallen trees or splitting firewood for example. I usually use the Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet, which is quite small and very versatile, but when I had the chance to field test the Combo Leuku I jumped at the opportunity.

Blade - As the name ‘combo’ suggests, there are in fact two separate knives within this set.  The smaller knife is ideal for a whole host of outdoor tasks.  I found it very useful for making feather sticks and preparing food for the campfire.  The steel on both blades is high-carbon, which means it has a dull appearance, much more subtle when using outside in bright light (no reflections) but it does rust much faster than that of stainless steel, so always take care by cleaning and oiling the blade after use.  The smaller blade is 77mm long and the tang runs all of the way through the handle.  The edge is exceptionally sharp, so much so it would double as a razor!

Blade - The blade of the second knife is much larger, 205mm and is every bit as sharp as that of its smaller brother. This knife has been made with chopping in mind.  It’s perfect for felling small trees, splitting firewood and butchery.

Handle – these are made of several different components. The grip is made and shaped from curly birch, a pretty wood, a little like pine in colour but with much more pattern and a stronger nature. The spacers are made from reindeer antler and reindeer leather.

Sheath – this tends to vary from the examples I have seen, mainly because each is handmade, but regardless of this each sheath is made from reindeer leather and holds both knives and is of a red-brown tan colour. The belt hanger is also made of reindeer leather. It’s of a very high quality over all.

Blade: 9/10
Sheath: 9/10
Handle: 8/10
Cost: 9/10

Overall: 35/40

Conclusion – if you want a combo knife set which has a traditional feel, good weight and is capable of most outdoor tasks then you need look no further.  The price is currently (at the time of writing) only £99.00 which is cheap considering it’s handmade, and still of a high quality. It also gives you the option of leaving your axe at home!

Get yours here Greenman Bushcraft

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