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Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet - Review
28th February 2009

Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet - Review

There are lots of semi-technical terms for each part of an axe, and maybe I will cover these in one of the tutorials at some point. However, as any regular readers know, I like to keep the reviews simple for everyone to understand, so please be aware that I will use common terms to make it clear for the casual reader or beginner.

I have used every single Gransfors Axe over my years of learning and teaching bushcraft. I can honestly say that each of them has been a joy to work with. But for the majority of my chopping tasks I rely on one of these axes more than any other. The Wildlife Hatchet.

The Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet is a small, lightweight axe, which conveniently fits within a rucksack or on ones belt, with use of the leather mask which shields the cutting face of the blade.

Blade: The head has a 3 inch face with an exceptional edge, which is not surprising, as the heads are hand forged, and grinded, which is very different from most modern steel/iron products, which are often either pressed, or cut with a laser from a solid sheet of metal. The weight is also good (head weighs 1lb), it has enough weight to cut through wood of a good size, and yet it is still light enough to use for carving quite delicate objects, such as spoons. The cutting face is shielded by a grain leather sheath, which is of a good quality.

Handle: The handle is made from hickory and measures about 13.5 inches, and is neither too long or too short for general use. The handle also offers good handling and unlike modern synthetic handles seems to prevent blister, even after prolonged use.

Blade: 10/10
Sheath: 9/10
Handle: 10/10
Cost: 9/10

Overall: 38/40

Conclusion - if you are looking for a good all round axe for either coppicing, bushcraft, or just carving or chopping your firewood into kindling then there the Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet is probably the best axe you will come across. If you require something smaller then why not look at the mini hatchet? Or, if you need an all-rounder that is equally as good at limbing small trees then maybe look at the small forest axe. But for me, this medium/small sized axe is the one that I reach for more than any other when I require an axe.

Please buy yours from here - Greenman Bushcraft

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