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Kris Miners

Wild Food Instructor | Bushcraft & Survival Instructor | Wildlife Photographer | Writer 

Kris Miners

Kris was born in Essex and has been fortunate enough to live and work with wildlife and nature for most of his life. Kris was not put through the secondary school system and found an alternative education studying nature and living from the wild. Kris now spends most of his time practicing his crafts and teaching others. Kris has since gone on to hold a degree in conservation management and environmental studies and he regularly writes and takes photographic commissions.

His work has been published over 100 times in a variety of well known magazines, websites and books, including the BBC, FHM, Speciality Food Magazine, Grow your own, The Frugal Life (book), Biodiversity Projects, BBC Breathing Spaces, calendars, Wildlife Trust Publications and he has been the resident foraging expert in the "Great British Food Magazine" where he wrote a monthly column, the "Wild Food Diary" (formaly the 'Wild Files') and did so for 5 years (2009-2014).

Kris focuses mainly on the hidden uses of plants and trees these days, and how they have been used by humans over the years. He has a particular interest in wild foods, which has led to Kris working with various authorities and on TV programmes, such as the BBC show 'Ready Steady Cook' (wild food special) and Market Kitchen 'Big Adventure'.  He is often consulted for other survival, bushcraft and wild food shows, such as, 'Alone in the Wild' the BBC's 'What to Eat Now' which was aired in the Autumn of 2008 on BBC2. Along with these shows, Kris has also worked with TV personalities and well-known chefs, Rachel Allen, Adam Byatt, Ed Wardle, Joanna Page, James Tanner and Ainsley Harriott to name but a few. You will also hear Kris on BBC Essex Radio on a regular basis.

Kris sampled his first wild foods at the age of four, shown to him by his grandfather, and ever since Kris has been gathering free food for the pot. Kris believes that there are many dimensions to bushcraft, and as well as survival and shelter, Kris likes to include wildlife observation skills, practical ideas of conservation, photography (some of the images captured will feature on this site), folklore, and a holistic understanding of nature and its healing energy in his courses.

Nature's Secret Larder was founded by Kris in 2008 to provide a free resource for like-minded individuals to learn more about all that nature has to offer, and although the main subject of the site is wild food, you will find much more than just this, from outdoor kit reviews, recipes, bushcraft tutorials to stories of travel and much more. Each section of the site has also been reworked so that the readers can also leave their input by adding comments to each section. And, unlike some websites, Nature's Secret Larder will be constantly changing and updated to provide you with something fresh to read most weeks.

Today Kris has established himself as one of the leading authorities in wild foods and bushcraft, and now teaches many individuals each year.

For a more detailed account of how Kris became a Bushcraft and Survival Skills instructor, please click here.

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