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Name this tree?
21st March 2009

Just for fun. Can you name this tree? Whats its common, and latin name?

Post your answers below!

Name this tree?


Kris on 07/05/09


Well done. I'm very pleased you find the site helpful. I hope you call back again soon.


Andy.H on 06/05/09

As soon as i looked at the picture i thought scots pine,then saw the answer and i was right.Great web site you have here ,very informative which is great for me as i am new to discovering wild plants and bushcraft in general...

Kris on 25/03/09

Hi Sally,

Yes, spot on, it is indeed Scots Pine!


Sally Heffer on 24/03/09

Trees aren't so much my thing but that looks like a Scots Pine, 'Pinus sylvestris' one of only three conifers native to the UK along with yew and juniper although you would never think if you looked round the gardens in this area, conifers seem to be everywhere like big green monsters, casting shade all year round and scoffing all the moisture and goodness from the soil. As you can probably tell I am not a fan but apparently you can eat the pollen and the very young needles of Scots Pine or make a herbal tea of the older needles.

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