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19th November 2008

Which mushroom(s) must you not eat, if you have consumed alcohol? Again, this is just for fun. Please leave your answers below.

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Ian Turnidge on 25/01/09

you shouldn't eat any of the amanita family if you have been drinking alcohol before or after , the affects of alcohol with these types of mushrooms could have a dramatic effect on your health

Kris on 19/11/08

Hi Sally. Im pleased you had a good time on the walk, thank you for attending. Oh, and well done, yet another correct answer :)

Sally Heffer on 19/11/08

The best known of the mushrooms which will make you sick if eaten when you have drunk alcohol is the common ink cap. By the way I enjoyed the walk on the 2nd, I'm looking at Dogwood in a new light, I didn't think of it as being a native hedgerow plant. I was surprised by the size of the leaves on the unculivated plant. As gardeners we always cut the branches back almost to ground level in spring as only the new growth has the coloured stems.
The good thing about plants in particular and nature in general is there is always something new to learn.

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