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Can you ID this plant?
12th April 2009

Can you ID this plant?

Just for fun, no prizes, answers below


annabelle kerswell on 15/06/14

I have found some cowparsley in my garden. i wonder if the seeds the size of sunflower seeds are edible, they smell a bit like fresh cows milk.

Kris on 28/04/09

No worries, it’s good to talk to someone with similar interests!

Sally Heffer on 27/04/09

All the little bunches of shoots on the allotment site are now flowering and there's no mistaking them, they are all cow parsley. Thanks for the tip about the aniseed scent, I am keeping an eye,and nose, out for sweet cicily.

Kris on 20/04/09

Hi Sally,

your second ID is correct. Its Cow parsley. You can eat the leaves and the root, but it looks very much like other toxic species. Its not that nice either!


Sally Heffer on 19/04/09

So, is it cow parsley, not quite as exciting but am I right in thinking you can eat the young leaves

Sally Heffer on 19/04/09

Thanks for that, if you don't mind would you leave putting the answer up for a day or so and I'll have another think,
same goes for the tree.

Kris on 19/04/09

Hi Sally,

Umbeliffers are never easy to ID, especially from pictures. I’m afraid this time you have answered incorrectly. I will update the post with an answer soon. Sweet Cicely will smell of aniseed if crushed, this one doesn’t.


Sally Heffer on 19/04/09

I'm glad you put this one on because it is growing on uncultivated plots on our allotment site and I think it is sweet cicely, the leaves and seeds of which have culinary and medicinal uses and it would be good to have that confirmed.

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