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Taste of the Wild - Wild Food Course Dates
12th April 2009

The new wild food course dates are almost full, with the May 9th and 10th dates being completely full.  So, the only remaining dates are now to be held are on the 27th May and 6th June 2009. These will be half day courses, although if one group is to take all the allocated spaces you will have the option to extend the course for a further fee of only £12.00 per head.

I may be adding further courses, but due to other commitments and projects these may be the last wild food course I run this year. Spaces won’t be around for long, so please contact me now should you require a booking. The new courses are entitled a Taste of the Wild

Dates: 27th May & 6th June 2009.
Duration: Half day (with extension possible, see above)
Price: £45 per person Inc VAT @15%
Maximum: 10 students (Adults only)
Location: Essex
Leader: Kris Miners

So what can you expect from these new course dates? We will cover a large variety of wild foods, and other plants used by people in the past. We will cover their identification, past and present uses, and importantly we will also look at some look-alike poisonous species, and we will also partake in some practical skills to test your knowledge.

As always, it’s my aim to provide you with an information-packed day. I don’t just point this and that out, we actually look at each species in great depth and cover a wealth of uses, and facts.

This course is ideal for anyone who has an interest in nature, and also for budding bushcrafters who struggle with the most important factor of bushcraft, wild food.

Hope to see you there!


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