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1st July 2008


I have started to create the wild food section today. This will take quite some time to complete, although the intention is not really to build up a database (yet). It’s more of a way of giving you an understanding of what I teach. I decided to start it off with one of my favourites and my first wild food, Sorrel.

I have had a little break over the past 24 hours so I decided to make a spoon from hazel. It was a long process as I decided to make it VERY small which made it quite difficult to hold, and after several hours carving I have the blisters to prove it!

Tomorrow I will be heading off to teach a family who won a prize from a radio station (to spend a few hours with me, the lucky devils ;). I will let you know in the next few days what kind of useful flora we find growing. It should be fun!

Also, I have just finished putting up a solar powered moth/butterfly attractor. I will let you know what, if anything I manage to attract and hopefully get some photos too!


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