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December News
11th December 2010

I know that several readers are waiting for news on my courses, and I will add some as soon as I’ve got some more information to tell you all.  The truth is, it’s been a hectic year, both with work and my personal life, what with one thing or another, and so far I’m not able to commit to any teaching dates. I would rather have no courses advertised, than have to let anyone down.

Please rest assured I will have some courses running again, it’s just a case of getting the dates secured.  However, I won’t be running as many courses as I used to, not for the foreseeable future anyway.  As most of you know, I write for many different publications now and this teamed with other lines of outdoor work have been snatching every spare moment I have.

My regular ‘wild files’ column in the Great British Food magazine has proved popular, and I’ve been asked to continue for at least the next years worth of issues. I’ve also helped with a recent article in esquire magazine, and I’m still helping on a few cooking shows, gathering wild foods for them to use on camera.

I will try to make time for a course or two in the spring of 2011, and maybe take on a few one-to-one courses, so please keep an eye on this site, as if, and when I have the dates they will be advertised on here.

I hope the weather hasn’t affected any of you too badly.  It was pretty bad where I live last week, but most has melted away now.  I like the snow, so it doesn’t bother me, but I know it’s not nice if you have travel around a lot.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Catch you on the trail.

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