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Squirrels & wild food courses
28th May 2009

Wild Food

I'm just sitting here at my office watching a Grey squirrel master yet another of these 'so-called' squirrel proof bird feeders. You may know the type I mean? They have a sliding central column that slides down over the seed barrel when a squirrel attempts to climb down to feed from it. Well the intended squirrel proof action happened, but rather than sit back and except defeat this squirrel decided to grab hold of the base, let go of the top section, the sliding seed protector flew up and the squirrel was left with a feeder full of seeds. Love them or hate them, you have to admire them! Now this one has finished feeding he is chasing another squirrel at the speed of light around the Scots Pine. Watching these and all the other wildlife no wonder I get no time for work!

Grey Squirrel

There are still some spaces left on the June 6th wild food course, so anyone interested in attending please feel free to contact me, sooner rather than later as I have strict student to instructor ratio that I have to adhere to. The half day course will cover lots of useful and edible species and will only cost £45.00 (inc VAT @ 15%) per person. This will be one of the last wild food courses I run this year due to other commitments and personal projects. After the course you will have a deep knowledge of what plants and trees can be used as food, materials, healing herbs and a good understanding of how to not only live from the land, but also bring nature back into our everyday lives.

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