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Seedlings 2013
2nd May 2013

This is the first year that i've been able to even consider growing my own fruit and veg for quite some time, due to personal circumstances and a busy working life.  I've decided to make 2013 the year that I start to grow more of my own greens to use alongside the wild ones that I forage for, so in the coming weeks I hope to add a few new stories and posts to the site and possibly introduce a new gardening section.  So, with that in mind, I will leave you with an image of my first seedlings of the year!

If you'd like to add gardening hints and tips to the site, please start emailing them in to me now. Thanks.

Seedlings 2013

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annabelle kerswell on 15/06/14

I planted some tommato seeds from a tommato and from a can of tammatoes and the both grew! i havent got any tommatoes yet but hopefully i will get some after they flower. i will need to support them with sticks and fertilise them when they flower. Maybe next time i will plant beefsteak tommatoes or a large fruited variety of tommato. i heared that tomatoes grow well where there is human feaces. would they grow where there was chickens free range in the past because of the omnivorous diet?

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