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Jack-by-the-hedge Pictures
12th May 2010


A few days ago, a reader left a message on the site because she thought that I had included the wrong picture of Jack-by-the-hedge., after watching the BBC show Gardeners World. As I explained, this species varies in appearance according to its age, even the leaves will change in shape as the plant matures.

The picture I originally included was of the very young leaves, which are quite small and kidney-shaped. This image is correct, and still present, however I have also included some new images of the fully mature plant for everyone to see.

I have been using Jack-by-the-hedge in cooking for many years now, as it has a lovely subtle garlic flavour which is fantastic if incorporated in sauces. The leaves also make a good addition to cheese sandwiches. The flavour is much more delicate than that of a garlic clove which is conventionally used in cooking.

If you want to see this species at its very best, then May is the best time, and you will probably see lots of it within hedgerows, woodlands, river banks, and wasteland, especially in the South East of Britain.

To see the new pictures please visit this page HERE

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