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Mora 740 Bushcraft Knife - Review
25th February 2009

Since this review, the 740MG and 760MG knives have sadly been discontinued.

I will start the review by once again stating that this will be a jargon free review to give you some simple, easy to understand, and hopefully useful information in your decision to purchase a simple, yet good quality bushcraft knife.

I have already covered the Frosts Mora 840MG and 860MG and today I will be covering a knife which is very closely related. The Mora 740MG.

The first thing I want to point out before we go on, is that the Mora 740 is the same as the Frosts 740. Frosts were simply taken over by Mora of Sweden, so I feel it's about time I called the knife by its correct name, so all FROSTS knives are now made by MORA OF SWEEDEN.

So, is the Mora 740MG (MG = Military Green) the best budget bushcraft knife in the world?

At a price of just £7.50 I would never expect very much, in terms of quality or usability. But, as always from Mora I have been forced to withdraw my thoughts and possibly begin to eat my hat. As here we have a good quality Bushcraft or Hunting knife for under £10.00.

At first glance the knife looks strong, and having tested it to near destruction this would be a fair comment. Although the blade is not full tang, it simply wipes the floor with, what I would call ‘survival type' knives which sadly adorn the market and cost two or three times the price!

Blade: The blade is quite thick and comes in either Stainless or Carbon Steel (carbon steel being the preferred choice for 99% of Bushcrafters). It sharpens easily and holds its edge well.

Handle: The green handle is very basic and certainly does its job, but it does lack the grip which you will find on the slightly more expensive 840/60MG range. This however is not really a problem, unless using it in wet conditions which can make the handle a little slippery, but certainly not enough to put myself or many people off.

Sheath: The sheath for me is the biggest let down. It could be described as being a little flimsy and not very well made. But at £7.50 what do you expect? The good thing about this sheath not being grate is that you are paying for the knife, which is where the attention to detail has been directed into. If you don't like the sheath, make one, but for the majority of us it will suffice.

Blade: 9/10
Handle: 7/10
Sheath: 5/10
Cost: 10/10
Overall: 31/40

Conclusion: If you want a quality knife at an unbelievably low price, then you honestly can't go too far wrong. If you lose it, you can replace it without too much hassle, and of course won't be left too much out of pocket. But more importantly why spend a lot of money on a knife if you are just testing the water of bushcraft? Or, if you want a simple fishing/hunting knife. The Mora 740 fills a gap that other knives simply can't, and for this reason it pretty much stands alone. If however you want one then my advice would be to get one quite soon as I have heard rumours that the knife is to be discontinued in the near future, so be sure to grab one before it's too late.

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Den on 11/03/09

Thanks for pointing out these are to be discontinued. They are great knives, seems like a stupid move to me, but I have now ordered some from Greenman. Cheers Kris,


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