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British Army Machete - Review
25th February 2009

British Army Machete - Review

This is going to be a short review covering some basic, but important points.

The British Army machete is a tough, rugged tool which has been designed to cut and chop through hardwoods and more stubborn brash. The blade can be worked to a fine edge, but most will prefer to leave the blade quite dull for the above reason.

The machete comes complete with a high quality  olive sheath. And wooden handle.

Many machetes on the market today are cheap and nasty, often with plastic handles and cheap brittle blades which are simply not up to the job of cutting a cucumber, let alone anything else.

Blade: Full tang, steel and very strong.

Handle: Good quality wooden handle, which is capable of absorbing shock without breakage.

Sheath: Excellent quality olive sheath made from a very tough canvas, with various clips and attachment points for webbing, etc.

Blade: 7/10
Handle: 7/10
Sheath: 10/10
Price: 10/10

Overall: 34/40

Conclusion: With the British Army machete you are a getting a lot for your money. At only £17.99 you get a full tang steel blade, wooden riveted handle, and a quality canvas sheath. Whether it be for garden or bushcraft use, you will find that this crude tool will last for  many years.

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eddie mccafferty on 09/09/13

have used this golok whilst serving in the army in central America , excellent bit of kit.

ccs on 23/04/10

Looks excelent value. I believe the 'sheath' is actually an SA80 bayonet frog - it may be marked on the back. I have the same frog as a sheath for an old type D knife. Works really well.

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