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Why This Answer is Wrong - by Sally
22nd April 2010

Regular readers will remember the epic 'Test your knowledge', Game 2 which started in June last year and was only resolved just before Christmas. The following series of articles look at the various answers and why they were wrong. Correct identification is such an important part of enjoying wild food and the fact that it took 19 tries to come up with the right answer shows how difficult this can be sometimes.

Here is a reminder of the original clues

This species can be found growing in hedgerows and areas of grassland. Identification must be correct, otherwise you may get more than you bargained for when handling. The leaves are covered in fine hairs. Cordage can be made from the stems, but there are better alternatives out there. The leaves may be used as a vegetable and are still often eaten in some parts of the world.  This species has lots of uses, and as well as those mentioned above it has been used to heal people. A good way to identify it is to rub a leaf, although you may wish you hadn’t. So what is it?

After numerous attempts this further clue was offered

It's a wild food, and although common, it is rare to eat it.  Growing in the hedgerows it likes to hide, often under nettles, were it cuts through to the light, when it reaches its full height.

Some of the answers fulfil nearly all the criteria and it's interesting to look at where they didn't quite match up to the clues.

Sally - England

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