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Mora 740MG Sheath Modification - by Simon
22nd April 2010

Mora 740MG sheath modification

Mora 740MG sheath modification back view

Compliments from America on a fine website.  Apropos of your review of the 740MG I wanted to send photos of my modification of my Mora 740 sheath into a high-hip design that feels much better.  The same applies to the 760MG and a few other models, I believe.

The 740MG is discontinued, but the carbon 740 and stainless 760 both share the same ambidextrous sheath that I modified.  The 840 (Clipper) is popular, and I am fond of the 711 as well, but their sheaths are different; more useful without modification, but bulkier. 

Clearly, it is for people who wear a proper belt and not just gore-tex pants or something like that.  It is done with a pvc-coated wire of the type that attached my son's toy trains to the cardboard in the box, maybe seven inches long.  It might look flimsy but after you tighten the wire to the belt the first time it's very solid.  After that I slide it on and off at will.  The lower two holes are left over from another idea I had.  I am sure this can be improved on, but it is good enough for my trips to the woods.

Other people cut off the top, as I did, but instead hang the Mora around their necks from the tip of the sheath.  Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

Simon - New York

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