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The Frugal Life
9th July 2009

The Frugal Life By Piper Terrett

You may remember that late last/early this year I mentioned that I was helping to write a book? Well, the book has been out now for a few months and has done very well, largely due to the author, and friend of mine Piper Terrett’s style of writing.

I have included some info on the book below, and you can purchase yours here for only £9.99.

Product Description
As the credit crunch becomes a recession and rising energy prices take their toll on our finances, many of us have little choice but to cut back our spending. But life is for living, so why should budgeting mean a miserable existence? "The Frugal Life: How to Spend Less and Live More" will show readers how to save money by taking control of their finances and adopting a simpler approach to life. Readers will learn they don't have to overspend to enjoy themselves or impress friends. Instead they will discover the pleasures of saving by becoming a frugal shopper, cutting energy and transport bills, growing vegetables and eating wild food, entertaining themselves and their children for free, and enjoying Christmas without debts. In addition it shows readers how to set a budget, cope with redundancy and cultivate a frugal nest egg for the future. Never before has a book on frugal living covered such a wide range of subjects in such detail. What's more, the author has tried and tested many of these ideas herself. "The Frugal Life: How to Spend Less and Live More" will appeal to readers of many age groups and demographics, from the struggling student and first jobber, to families and pensioners getting used to a smaller budget - anyone trying to live life for less.

you can purchase yours at Greenman Bushcraft for only £9.99.

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