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Spring News
31st March 2010

Goat Willow Buds

You may not think it’s spring if you happen to live in some parts of Scotland at the moment.  The heavy snow and wintery showers make it look more like the ice entombed nation we were back in January.   However, down south the spring flowers are all in bloom and the buds are beginning to burst into life on lots of the trees, especially the goat willow which is putting on a fine show.  The sun is warm and the birds are singing, and for now, the rain seems to be holding off.

I’m taking some time off this year from my teaching as I’m busy with some other projects, including lots more writing for various publications and I’m working on some future courses for Greenman Bushcraft, which leads me to my latest articles for the Great British Food Magazine.  During the editing process it says I run and teach at Bushman Bushcraft, which is not correct, in fact that’s not even a school/company that exists. I just wanted to point this out.  Unfortunately little mistakes like that happen in publishing due to the large amounts of people that have to get everything looking ‘right’ and through editing processes in various software packages this can happen.


Site News

I shall be introducing a new readers section to the site soon.  This will be a place where you get the chance to add your own wild food recipes and foraging/wildlife related stories, tips and tricks.  If you would like to be featured then please e-mail any materials you wish to include, and it will be stored until the category is added to the site.  I may need to edit anything sent in (only slightly) to fit in with the site and or edit length.

Lastly, another piece of website news is regarding that of the product reviews.  In the next few months I will be the official product tester for, so no longer just running the courses! The reviews will feature on here as well, although I will have some reviews that are unique to this site.

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope you didn’t get caught out by any April fool’s trickery, and I wish you all a very Happy Easter holiday.  I’m off to spend a few days at home and have some walks in the countryside (hopefully).

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