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19th August 2012

This is something that I’ve never widely publicised, but I used to run at least one FREE Bushcraft course per month via Greenman Bushcraft.  These courses were usually charity based, and were aimed at those who wanted a taster course but were unable to afford them.  The majority of students were families and youngsters with troubled pasts who had never stepped foot outside of the cities before, so it was all very rewarding to see how they reacted to their first taste of survival skills and nature.

As well as these courses I’d also offer guided nature walks which, again were charity based and donations were optional, all monies raised going towards wildlife charities.

I’ve recently been considering re-igniting something similar, but on a much smaller scale. I suppose to try and help mentor and inspire those who’d like to learn more about the natural world, but need a little help in getting started.

So, the idea is that a couple of times a year, I’m thinking of offering nature walks with those who are completely new to the natural world and hidden uses of plants and trees.  It’s NOT a course, more of leisurely walk in the countryside where you can ask questions about the plants, trees and other wildlife that we see on the way.  They’d be completely free, and in no way formal.

These are the conditions.

Location: Essex.

Maximum two people at one time.

You must be completely new to the natural world, this is designed to fuel your interest in learning about nature, and so if you know your Prunus spinosa from your Crataegus monogyna or dead nettle from your stinging nettles, or why a scorpion fly has that name, this won’t be for you!

Over eighteens only

Remember, it’s NOT a course, and NO money will change hands. It’s simply a friendly meet-up to learn a little bit about wildlife and nature in general.

At this stage, this is still just an idea and I’m testing the water, so if you’re interested or you just think it’s a nice idea, please let me know either via Facebook (click the button to the right) or email me via the contact section. If I do go ahead with this idea, it won’t be for some time due a busy schedule, but I’m testing the water now to see if there’s any interest.

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anthony on 01/12/12

hi i love to go on it and can i bring my dog?

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