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Interview with BBC Radio - Today
19th September 2009

I had to get up early this morning to get ready for an interview with Ken Crowther of BBC Essex.  I was asked to bring along lots of wild foods, but being very busy, I had to leave this to the very last minute.  So, I had to forage in an urban environment, and only had about 15 minutes to do so.  However, even with limited time I managed to rummage some 15 species, although we only talked about a few live on air.  I made a wild berry crumble and hazelnut honeycomb, which I think went down well.  This was my 6th or 7th interview with them, so it makes for a good medium to promote these ancient skills in the local area.  The honeycomb has a taste of 'November' bon-fire night, which I think sums up the wild foods of this time of year quite well!

If you want to hear the show, I think its available for a week found here Click listen again, and you should find it as the Ken Crowther show on Saturday morning on the 19th September.  It will be removed within a week, i think!

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