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Filming Market Kitchen with Rachel Allen
1st October 2010

Well, it had to happen.  The rain that is.  Every time I begin to film, down comes the rain, but in all honestly, I quite like the rain, just not when leading courses or filming in it.

I was introducing Rachel Allen, the TV cook to some wild foods which grow in Essex.  The filming was put behind by a couple of hours, so I was stuck in the rain for ages, and I was soaked.  Lucky enough my camera stayed dry in a waterproof bag otherwise it would have turned into an expensive day!

I decided to walk to the location which turned into quite a chore.  First I had to negotiate a fallen tree, an easy task you may think, but when a river is one side of it and a fenced off muddy lake the other it can prove to be somewhat tricky.  Once that was out of the way I had the production company call on my mobile, which attracted the attention of a rather irked cow which took a liking to my rucksack, so it was an interesting journey to say the least.

Upon reaching the meeting point it wasn't long before Rachel Allen arrived for the start of filming, even though at this point it was getting quite dark!

Rachel was just as friendly as she comes across on her cookery shows and the rest of the team were all great as well.

I'm still doing a bit of work for the show 'Market Kitchen - Big Adventure' and need to forage some foods for the in-studio filming later this month.  I think it will be aired around Halloween time.

If I come across as a bit slow on the show its because I couldn't wear my glasses due to the rain, so I couldn't see a bloody thing, not good when you're expected to identify edible species quickly!!!

Oh, and if I look strangely short, its because I spent most of the filming standing in a hole!

Kris and Rachel
Bit of a an odd shot, as I had to grab it from when the show aired on TV.

Market Kitchen BIG Adventure
The BIG Adventure TV crew van.

Well, there we have it, a very condensed report of the day.

Thanks for reading.

Catch you on the trail

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