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Chicken Out Need your help!
31st August 2009

Chicken Out Need your help!

The text below is a copy from the latest Chicken Out News, so I didn't write it myself, but do want my readers to please give a few moments and help out. Time is running out!

Please act now for chickens

As it enters its fourth week, the Chicken Out! 39 Days campaign is really gaining momentum. We’ve had over 2500 new people sign up, received coverage in local and national media and our chicken blog is sparking some lively debate.

Act now!

A landmark government decision on chicken welfare is imminent. We urgently need your help to stop millions of chickens enduring even worse conditions than they currently are.

You may remember that a few months back, Defra announced plans to review the law on stocking densities for meat chickens to bring them in line with new EU standards- allowing even more birds to be crammed into an already unacceptably small area.

We asked your help then to send a message to the animal welfare minister before the consultation period came to an end - then Hugh presented a giant petition postcard to the Ministry on behalf of our campaign.

The government have now indicated that a decision could be made as soon as this month - so we need to show the government just how strongly the British people feel about chicken welfare.

Please take a couple of minutes to send an urgent email to the new Defra minister, Jim Fitzpatrick, asking him not to compromise the welfare of millions of British chickens.

And encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join the campaign at this critical time by forwarding this email on. Together, we are making our voices heard, and legislators, retailers and producers are beginning to listen. But every person who joins us makes our campaign stronger and brings a free-range future one step closer.

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