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30th July 2010

Just a quick post to let you know that the latest edition of the Great British Food Magazine is now on out.  As well as my regular column, I’m also on the panel of experts (I didn’t call myself that by the way) answering a letter from a reader
The magazine is on sale in most newsagents and supermarkets up and down the country.

That’s it for now, I may have some more news soon for a piece I should be filming with the BBC later this year, so please do check back soon.

Thanks for reading.

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Sally on 19/08/10

CORNUS SANGUINEA - Common Dogwood has small white flowers and black berries. You don't make it clear what you need the information for but I think I am right in saying that the berries, if not actually poisonous to humans, birds love them, will give many people bad stomach pains. As a gardener I would cut the stems to the base, coppicing, in spring to get new shoots which will be red and a welcome spash of colour in winter. You still get the attractive leaves which turn red in Autumn but you don't get flowers or berries. Hope this is helpful.

P Hague on 15/08/10

Names of any dogwoods with clusters of small white flowers and black berries?

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