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Another interview & TV thing!
30th September 2009

I will be doing yet another radio interview tomorrow.  Not live this time, but I will let you all know when it’s going out, if I know myself!  We are going to be recording from an autumn hedgerow, so I will be in my element.

I know I have not updated the site with very much recently; I have been very busy with this and that.  I have also been helping out with yet another cooking show, this time for SKY TV.  I will add some more details if I need to.

I am also working on some personal projects which are taking an awful lot of work (this is quite relevant to the site, and I will add some news on this, maybe late this, or early next year).  I may be holding one more course in the next couple of weeks and then I will be getting ready for my favorite months, October, November and December, so lots of cooking to come!  I will be making some sloe gin tomorrow too!

Also, for those who are playing along with the 'test your knowledge' section, I am about to add an extra clue to game 2, so maybe someone can crack it!

Cheerio for now!

Catch you on the trail



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