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Weekend Round-up
10th May 2009

I had a massively busy weekend, running a total of three half day courses. Two half day wild food courses and one beginners’ bushcraft skills course. We ate wild foods; made fires and did some camp craft skills. We also covered medicinal plants, plant lore, tool safety and knife choice along with some cutting techniques, and much, much more. The weather was nice, sunny and warm.

I also managed to find the most perfect fishing spot I have seen in a long while, completely excluded from anywhere were people tend to walk, in fact I don’t believe anyone had set foot there for years, probably because nobody is quite as made as I am, walking through thousands of brambles, roses, and stinging nettles almost 6 feet high. It was certainly worth the cuts and stings which I can still just about feel. I was able to acquire some fantastic views of wildlife from this vantage point too, including some species which are not always the easiest to creep up on. I will certainly be going back to this spot in the future.

I hope to get my 2010 teaching dates on here soon, as most courses are now full for this year. I will also be posting news quite soon on a book I helped out a bit with and also some radio work I should be doing in the next couple of weeks. Before that I have one more course and will also hopefully get chance to add more tutorials to the site.

As always if you want to get up to date information on courses, and site updates I can now be found on Twitter

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