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The Secret Edible Garden - Part 1
5th August 2009

It’s been a very busy few weeks which is why I have not updated the site as much as I’d like to. I have been working on several projects, one of which is writing an article on foraging for ‘Grow your Own Fruit & Veg’ magazine.  This article will be in the October issue, which will be in most shops in late September I presume. I will try and get a copy of the article on the site once it’s out.

I have also managed to get away from the writing a little bit this and last week, which has meant I have been able to do some exploring for wild foods. I happened to stumble across a well hidden derelict house yesterday which had 5 acres of land.  The house was well past repair, the floorboards were rotten and the roof was missing, and ceilings gone. The fireplace was still charred from its last fire, many years ago. But it still had a home-like feel of times gone by.

The garden has its very own woodland and grasslands, along with lots of large man-made pools, which looks as if it had been used to rear fish at some point. But the exciting bit was the wild foods growing there, things that you rarely see now, such as walnut trees, damsons, bullace, and an orchard full of mixed apples and some useful herbs such as evening primrose. It was really quite a special place, but sadly, like just about everywhere, if it’s not being used it’s under threat of being concreted over!

I will go back there in the coming days with a basket and will put some updates on here on what I gather.  I will also update other areas of the site. I am planning on adding another photography article and a few more recipes, and some more photographs of nature too.

I am winding down the teaching for this year, but I will try and get some other dates on the site for 2010 soon.

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afsaneh on 07/11/10

I am interested about plantation of walnut tree in manitoba and also want to know which part in manitoba is suitable & best for this project

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