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The Secret Edible Garden - Part 3
8th May 2010

You may remember that last summer I wrote two blog posts entitled the secret edible garden, part 1 and part 2. Well, this is part 3, and one I would rather not have to write really.

The secret edible garden was a fantastic find. The land was once a smallholding, with an orchard that contained many fantastic old species of English apples, which many would not have even heard off today, let alone sampled. I still don't know all the varieties which were found growing there and had planned on exploring the area in more detail this year.

Last week, myself and Andrew decided to pay the site a visit again in the hope of taking away a few free nibbles. There were several good finds along the way, such as blackcurrants. But upon entering the gap in the hedgerow which leads to the site I was saddened to see that things had changed somewhat since my last visit.

The derelict house (see below) has since been nearly burnt down by some lowlife with nothing better to do, and as if that wasn't enough, all but two of the apple trees have been smashed up and burnt to a pile of ash. Something else is missing, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is yet.

The Secret Edible Garden - Part 3

Maybe not in the best condition, but it has since been burnt down!

Just when I thought things couldn't get much worse, there is also to be a new, and very large scale building project just around the corner.

So, another year and another 'wild' place destroyed by vandals, and the council (I'm beginning to question the difference between the two in all honesty).

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