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Taste of the Wild
5th June 2009

I completed one of my final wild food courses of the year today. It was only a small group, but it’s often better that way, and they were all very nice and friendly people which always makes the day a pleasant one!

Many species of wild plants are now past their best, but young fruits and berries can be seem forming on the shrubs and will be ready for the months ahead.

The pignut is just about gone now, but a few late flowering specimens are still visible.

The weather was pretty good too, but the best part about the day is that some of the plant and tree lore covered today will go toward the education of youngsters, as many of the students were scout leaders.  So it’s nice to know that some of the traditional uses of Britain’s plants and trees will be passed on to the next generation.

That’s it for today, just a short post with a little update of what’s going on.

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Kris on 07/06/09

Hi Sam,

It was great to meet you both on the course and I hope to see you both again in the future.

Happy foraging!


Sam Gravestock on 07/06/09

it was an excelent introduction to wild food
the location was great and a wide range of species was just in season for us to see, a really good introduction to the subject
thanks very much for the course and the extra bonus of a demonstration of how to make nettle cordage

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