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Spring is in the air
28th February 2009

I have several wild food & foragers courses coming up, yes that time of year again! It's been a harsh winter for a change, which has had me slightly worried as predicting when to run courses is always a tricky one, especially if you want to get the most from a wild food point of view. Last year spring seemed a little earlier, so this year may find a few species a little late coming through, but after several sunny days spring does seem to be just about here.
I went for a walk yesterday around one of my wild food sites, and found a few things showing signs of life. Hawthorn leaves were just beginning to burst from their buds, yellow archangel leaves were out and wood sorrel was flourishing around the base of the tall fir trees. The sap has also started to rise in the birch trees. So I feel I can say with confidence "spring is now here", and hopefully will progress rapidly for my coming courses!
I have several half day courses allocated for the rest of this year. The best month for anyone interested will be May. This is also a good time to find the elusive pignut!
I'm also offering a special offer - Foragers course (location Essex ) 3 people for 2 on private courses in May, which will save £45.00 on half day bookings. Please contact me for details.

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