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May is the time for May?
12th May 2010

At this time of year there is a plentiful amount of wild blossoms around each corner, and many of them have lots of culinary promise.  I'm sure most of you will know what the blossom pictured below is?


Well, if not its the small flowers of the hawthorn Crataegus monogyna.  Another well-known name for this species is May, and it is in the month of May that the flowers are at there best.  They may be eaten straight from the hedgerow or used to brighten up dishes as a decorative garnish. 

The leaves are also very nice and have a nutty flavour, but will soon become too tough and papery to enjoy.  Later in the year the berries (haws) will replace the flowers, and turn red as they mature.  These are also edible, but rather bland so are best used to make jams and preserves.

Be sure to identify with absolute certainty, as with any wild food.

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