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16th June 2008

I thought it was time to start the blog today. It’s been a very busy few months for me. Lots of wild food and bushcraft courses have been held and a lot of wild greens have been munched!

In fact, it’s already at that time of year when I’m organising next year’s courses.

It’s been a sad time for me recently. My granddad who taught me some of skills and certainly got me interested in the subjects I cover today passed away on father’s day. He will be greatly missed by me and the rest of my small family. But, I will certainly pass on his skills through my courses.

He loved nature and this can be seen by a poem he wrote....

Late autumn poem

The autumn sun was shining like a yellow globe of gold; the wind it was blowing it was icy bitter cold.

The tractor man was ploughing the furrows were brown and dry the seagulls they were screaming like vultures in the sky.

The autumn leaves looked pretty colours of yellow gold and brown they seemed to whisper cheerio as they fluttered down.

The swallows and the martins along time had been gone. The autumn wind seemed to say winter won’t be long.

The end

Harry. Frank, lodge



Greg on 27/02/12

Firstly, this is the first opportunity I have had to get back to have a look at your site since I sent you my comments.

May I say thanks very much for responding to my post, I have never posted anything on any web site before, i'm a bit of a neanderthol regarding social networky stuff, but was very motivated to do so when I read your "Goodbye" blog, see, i'm showing off now, know all the words..... But, again, thanks, this social media thingy does evidently have it's benefits.

Anyway, going by what iv'e just said, you may recognise that I don't have a facebook account, and probably never will, unless my daughter gets her way, not likely....

Had the opportunity to check out some of your tutorial pages.

I must say , from my perspective a very informative, easy to follow introduction and clearly identified tutorial regarding the skills and knowledge "you" have aquired regarding the "way we were".

Kris on 22/01/12

Dear Greg,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my granddads poem. Also, thank you for posting a few words here as well. Iím sure he would be happy to know that you and others are still enjoying it today :)

I hope you enjoy the website.

Thanks again,

Greg on 15/01/12

Hi, just found your site,16 June 2008, this is now Jan 2012 haven't researched your web contents yet, just wanted to let you know, found your grandpa's poem very touching, and reminded me of many of the things i identify with the seasons of the year, and how human life is associated .

Took me a few times to read it, until i understood it, been there myself, it's things like this that either evoke or encourage people with an interest, and, or , love of the outdoors to rekindle the interest they may have had as a youngster, or inspire to continue what we are doing, or indeed, spark a new appreciation.

I work with young people, many are from deprived surroundings who have never been out of their environment, and I aim to give them a knowledge of the world outside the home ???

Many thanks for sharing your grandpa's poem, I realise it was posted in 2008, but it mean't a great deal to me in 2012, and "I" will be relating these words to the young people I am working with in the future.

Many Thanks,

Your Grandpa must have been a great lover of the out doors, and a great inspiration to you.

Be content that his words have not been lost, they will be used again to hopefully inspire others I have the opportunity to influence in the appreciation of the natural beauty of the world about us.


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