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Is it Autumn?
27th October 2009

I had time to go for a quick walk with a friend today.  We went to some local ancient woodland to see what fungi we could find.

The leaves have turned a lovely golden brown, but due to the lack of wind most are still clinging to the trees.  It was the warmth of the day that took me most by surprise though.  I was only wearing a short sleeved shirt and it was still very warm, nothing like the month of October should be.  There were a few mushrooms around, some lovely Fly agaric, blushers, sulphur tufts and a few ceps, but all of them were well past their best already.  The most shocking part was seeing summer flowers still doing well. One field had a large population of poppies, another full of cornflowers!!!

Not only did I see summer flowers, but there were a few bumble bees, flying beetles and even a nest of young birds tweeting away in a tree!!!

It should be the time of year for wearing coats and taking frosty morning walks, not for taking walks in hot summer-like sun.

Have any of the readers noticed anything like this, this year? Comments below.

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