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First wild food course of the year!
2nd April 2009

Just fifteen short hours until the first wild food course of the year. Thank you to everyone who has booked up! Spring is a little later than it was last year, but I’m sure we will all find some worthwhile edibles, and cover lots of interesting facts about Britain’s flora throughout the day.

I have decided to make the courses a little different this year, so there will be more ‘hands-on’ stuff and a few more theory based segments to the day.

If you are interested in wild food courses, then I will be running a few more this year, although the majority from this point on will be half day courses. You can ask me questions about them via e-mail or you can go direct to Greenman Bushcraft  as I run most of my courses via there.

I will post some updates over the weekend, and hopefully include some pictures this time!

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