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Bats & Beetles!
27th June 2009

I was just sitting here typing some info for the website when a Pipistrelle Bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus decided to fly in the office. It’s amazing just how graceful they are in flight, missing objects with just millimetres to spare. He or she ran out of steam after several minutes of flying and landed on my arm. They are very tiny, just 3-5 cm (head and body) and only weight about 3-9 grams.

I had the exact same thing happen only yesterday, but that time the bat was not so active so I grabbed a ladder and a friend and I put it back into the roost. Not the smartest idea in a lightning storm, but a risk here and there always brings a little excitement to the day.

I was also presented with a pot of beetles to identify this morning; luckily I knew what they were! The Mint Leaf Beetle Chrysolina menthastri. These beetles are a lovely iridescent green, and look like little jewels. Ironically the beetles were found on a rosemary shrub!

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Max on 20/09/10

Hi- try Chrysolina americana, the rosemary beetle. It is very similar to menthastri but slightly smaller, more striped, and on rosemary rather than mint. It's a recent arrival in the UK. Enjoying your blog. max

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