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An alternative Christmas Dinner
1st December 2008

Most people I speak to seem to dislike Christmas, and I can see where some of them come from, what with its commercialisation. But for me it's a time to enjoy nature, and use some of the ingredients that are wild and free. I have always loved cooking, so my Christmas starts pretty early to spread the enjoyment further. So to you that dislike the festive season, bar humbug!!!
Last December I was asked by BBC Essex to do an interview and create an alternative Christmas dinner, using wild ingredients of course!
It was a freezing cold day, the hogweed was dead and grey and the spider webs were covered with beads of dew from the melting frosts, and robins were singing their little hearts out, in fact one robin (the one pictured here) followed us throughout the interview.

An alternative Christmas Dinner

The interview is not very long, and very condensed so it's only intended as a brief  guide. I did a second interview afterwards which was much more detailed, but that one was live, and sadly I don't have a recording to upload to the site.

"BBC Essex's Renee Hockley-Byam enlisted the help of Kris Miners - Wild Food instructor of Essex based Greenman Bushcraft, and together they've been out on the hunt for an alternative Christmas Dinner."


CLICK HERE - audio located top right under SEE ALSO

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