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A Walk in the Countryside - includes pics
13th July 2009

I finally had some time to spend doing what I wanted the other day, so I decided to go out with a friend with my camera to see what was about and ready to be photographed.

I haven’t had chance to do this for ages now so it was good to get out. The other reason I went was so I could see how the hazel nuts are doing this year, and I’m pleased to say that it will be a good nut year! My secret hazel nut spots is FULL of them, and all are a good size, so hopefully I can get some ‘nutty’ recipes and ideas for you on the site soon.
I will leave with a few shots from the day. I hope you like them!

Large White




6 Spot Burnet



I hope you like them. And if you want to use them for anything please ask first! I keep seeing my shots being used on other websites and forums >:-(

Catch you on the trail



Kris on 16/01/12


I must have missed your message all that time ago. Please drop me an email, and I will be happy to help if I can.


RICHARD on 28/08/09

Hi love your pics, im out and about all the time and take loads a pics. Do you need to know alot about photography to be able to get this quallity, my pics seem gray and your couler stands out so much

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