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A Tap at the Window
9th November 2008

Whilst sitting in the office today I have had a blue tit land on the water butt, just outside of the window. There is a small pool of water on top of the lid where he landed for a drink. Shortly after another one landed, and then a few seconds later a great tit joined them. After a quick drink they then all proceeded to jump onto the window ledge and peck at the glass. It was great to get such a close view of them and see just how small they really are. I have often watched them in this way and have seen them do all kinds of little tricks, such as holding onto a single seed with both feet and pull them apart using their beak with all there might. The only thing out there now is a few brown leaves swirling as they fall from the oak trees. It's certainly a real autumn this year, something we have not had for some time!

According to the weather man we are set for some strong winds this afternoon. The wind has certainly got up but nothing too bad just yet. Although it can change in an instant, a week or so back 2 inches of snow fell without much warning at all.

I hope to add some more recipes this week and maybe a new wild food and review again. I won't be adding any tutorials just yet though as I simply don't have the time what with teaching and working on some articles to go to print later in the year, but this is still something that will be updated so please bear with me.

The site has not received many comments on the new comment box features yet, so it would be really nice to hear from those who read the site.

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