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A BUZZ in the air!
29th June 2008

A BUZZ in the air! 

It was another busy weekend. I was in Suffolk on Saturday teaching children about insects and woodland creatures, although to be honest I spent most the day rescuing ID charts which kept blowing away in the strong winds. However, the most excitement came when a swam of bees decided to ascend upon us! All I could think about was honey as apparently these bees produced 60lbs of the stuff per hive this year, which is not bad at all.

I spent several hours foraging on Sunday. It’s that time of year when the plants and trees are getting ready for late summer and the beginnings of autumn, and as a result many wild foods are harder to spot, especially for those new to foraging. I took a group of 10 out for several hours and in that time we looked at, identified and sampled around 60 different edible and or useful species of plant and tree.

It was a good day’s teaching and learning. I always feel I learn something new each time I’m out in the countryside and by meeting new people. Wild food and Bushcraft are both subjects with an endless learning curve, which makes them all the more fun, even after 22 years!

A BUZZ in the air!

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