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50 Wild Food Challenge - Results
14th June 2009

50 wild foods course

At 10am yesterday, I began a 3 hour challenge to find 50 wild foods and teach twenty people about each of them. I was quite restricted with habitats, so I was a little unsure as what number I could come up with, and I didn’t practise like some people thought!

50 Wild Foods Course

Thank you to Andrew, for taking the two shots above.

Anyway, after three hours I named the 50th wild food bang on the dot of 1pm which was my deadline! I didn’t even boast  :-P

I will try and get a list of the 50 on here, if, and when I get the time!

Here are a couple of pictures of the views.

50 Wild Food Challenge - Results

50 Wild Food Challenge - Results

Catch you on the trail



Steve M on 12/08/10

Would love to see the list, if you could find time

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