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This Weeks Courses
4th July 2008

This Weeks Courses 

I have taught two young families this week, it made a nice change to teach children that were actually willing to learn about the natural environment and the secrets it holds.

In fact, I received some feedback about the course which I held for the prize winners of a local radio station this week. It read....


Many thanks for a fabulously interesting and enjoyable time with you the other day.

We all found our time with you extremely worthwhile and you rekindled a lot of memories for both my wife and myself from our childhoods, being out and about in the woods/fields as youngsters!
I will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.  I have already written to the Radio Station to let Liz know how it all went, so hopefully you will get some publicity there!
We look forward to seeing you again in the future.”


It’s always great to get some feedback on the courses I run and it makes it all worthwhile!

I have yet another course being held tomorrow, but, to make a change it’s going to be a wildlife photography course which I teach every now and then. The trouble is I have heard it’s going to be torrential rain and powerful winds all day, which is just about as bad as it gets when trying to teach people photography! Hopefully it will hold off, but we will see. I just wish some people understood that I don’t actually control the weather!

I have been checking the new moth attractor every morning to see if I have anything in there. Well, so far I have seen the odd moth flying around it at night but as of yet nothing has gone in. Hopefully that will change soon.

It’s now time to go and pray for a dry Sunday!

See you on the trail.


Painted Lady

This Weeks Courses

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