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The Late November Catch Up
26th November 2009

It seems only too often I write a post promising some news and updates on the site ‘soon’, but the truth is, life is busy, far too busy really, but I shouldn’t complain too much, as demand is a good thing, but a little break every now and then is good too.

I work a minimum of 11-12 hours a day, so the site and blog have taken a back seat in recent months, which is a shame, as autumn and winter always inspire me to do some creative things, which often translate well to the content of the site.  I think most people think teaching, and being involved in outdoor education is an easy ride, full of outings and non-stop fun. It certainly can be fun, but I spend far more time working on these subjects inside, in front of a screen, sometimes going weeks without even stepping foot in the countryside these days, this being especially true this year, and sadly next as well.

My teaching in 2010 will be very limited, I can only accommodate a few courses due to a busy personal life and other demands, but I am still busy writing on the subject of wild foods and the hidden uses of plants and trees.  I recently helped with another cooking show from one of Jamie Oliver’s students from his restaurant ‘15’, albeit in a small capacity this time, but I am doing more and more writing and will be advising on a few articles in some well-known magazines in the coming weeks. 

I would like to thank everyone who keeps visiting the site, leaving nice comments and sending me lovely e-mails, it’s great to hear from those of you who enjoy the site, and it makes it all worthwhile.

December, January and possibly some of February will be very busy months for me.  After this I really do hope to have some more time for the site, and hopefully will advertise a couple more of my foraging courses.  It would be good to get some new photos to go with my 2007-2009 collection too. The camera gear is bursting to get out of its bag and take a few snaps!

Well, I will leave it here for now.  I hope everyone is enjoying the transition from autumn into early winter, although for me it’s far too warm this year.  I like those crisp mornings and frosty nights where the grass twinkles from the moons reflection, so come on weather, when are you planning on getting colder?

Catch you on the trail

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