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Happy 2013
8th January 2013

I thought I should take the time to touch base with my readers.  I’ve not had very much time to add anything to the website recently due to moving house and having a mass of work to do as usual!

I’ve been asked to write for the Great British Food magazine for a fourth consecutive year, but this time I have a larger word limit, so the ‘Wild Files’ will now include a few more wild foods and different uses each month, so I hope that you enjoy the new spin on things.

Hopefully you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

I’ll be adding more content to the website in the coming months.

Thanks for reading.

Catch you on the trail



Kris on 16/01/13

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the message. The pignut is quite a fussy little plant, so they're rarely cultivated, although i've heard of small amounts being grown in gardens with the correct conditions, so it may well have been these!


Bill Marsden on 14/01/13

I found your article about pignuts very interesting, during the late 40s I lived adjacent to a number of allotments, and as a 4 year old child along with my friends used to "visit" them to eat some of the products, it was there that we ate what we were told were pignuts, which looked like the ones in your article, these however were grown in rows obviously for food, could this be possible that they were at one time cultivated, the taste was as described and I and we all survived..

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