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From the shadows
6th January 2010

I managed to start the year off in a good way, last year it was a water rail, and this year, my first animal rescue was the chap detailed here.

On the night of New Years Day, whilst everyone else was sleeping after a hefty lunch and probably a few too many ales, I decided to wonder off for a walk in the fresh icy air. It was just before midnight, when I happened to notice something shifting around in the shadows, nothing odd there as it’s usually a cat, but on this occasion the cause of this funny and somewhat ruffled looking shadow decided to waddle on out of the darkness and come and see me.

It was this beautiful Indian Eagle Owl.

Indian Eagle Owl

It was quite a surprise to find him, and even more so when he landed on my shoulder briefly, and good job it was brief too judging by those talons! The bird was obviously an escape, as they are not native to Great Britain and this one is certainly hand tamed/reared. He was in very good health, but obviously quite hungry.  He wouldn’t have survived the night where I found him as it was very icy, close to roads, and he was just too tame for his own good.  I decided to pick him up and take him home for the night.

The next day he was even perkier, so I got him some food which he soon gulped down.  For anyone needing to know, the food was day old chicks from a pet shop. Which you must first thaw out naturally and not in water or microwaves like some zoos do!

I don’t really have the proper facilities to keep an owl for long. I do have aviary, but I couldn’t very well put him in there with my cockatiels. Lucky for me, a friend of mine, Phil, is an owl expert and runs an owl awareness business and also rescues them.  He was kind enough to take him away and put him with a female owl, which is another rescue bird.

I’m still trying to find out who owns him, he’s a lovely owl and in great condition so he’s been looked after well.  I have the unique ring number, so if by chance you think you know who he belongs to, please e-mail me the ring code and I will pass on details of where he is currently residing.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

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