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Cold Images
8th November 2008

A strange title to for some images I know, but whilst sitting here putting the finishing touches to the maintenance of the site it's getting quite nippy! So, I decided to add a couple of shots taken from around the country on a similar cold day.

The first image is that of Norfolk's Cley Mill, taken in February of 2007. I stayed there for a few days whilst doing some wildlife photography. The shot was taken one night as the sun was setting. It was freezing, and I'm one of those people who are usually too hot.

Cold Images

Image two. This was taken from my back garden last year. The month was July, but it was still pretty darn cold as the wind was coming in off the sea. I have changed the colours as you can see, but this something I very rarely do.

Cold Images

And lastly image three. This is an old mill situated right on the edge of the sea front in the middle of nowhere. It's completely derelict now, but it really does have an immense presence and sense of history flowing through it. As I was taking the shots I could just see a seal sitting on the rocks behind the mil. Again, this is rare for me but I have altered it to give it a dramatic and rather spooky feeling. The misty background is quite real though as the fog was coming in off the sea.

Cold Images

I hope you like them, if so please leave your comments below.

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