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25th November 2008

It's been freezing cold over the past few days, which has played havoc with my brews! The varying degrees can make old style ales taste a little odd, and this is no different with the all wild nettle beer. As a result I was forced to use a heat belt, which helps the fermentation process along a little, but if used incorrectly can also change the natural flavours.

Anyway, I will only know in a few weeks time once the bottles have been cracked open and a few glasses drunk! The Norfolk Nog has is now fermenting away quite happily and already has a frothy top resembling a 25 gallon pint of Guinness! Again, I have used the heat belt for this, but this time I have managed to keep a constant temperature so I don't feel it will be a problem.

I have been doing lots of baking in the lead up to Christmas, making up my own bread recipes, which have actually turned out rather quite well, which is a miracle.

I will add some photos and of course the recipes quite soon. They would have been on sooner but the camera battery died first time around, so I will take some shots to go with the recipes on the second time around.

If you have any good recipes for Beer, bread or anything festive please leave comments below. I will also be posting an interview I did this time last year for the BBC called ‘an alternative Christmas dinner'.

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