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2nd November 2008

I had hoped the new version of the site would have been up and running by now, but as you can see it isn't just yet. Hopefully it will be by the end of the week.

There's been a real nip in the air over the last few days, frosts in the morning and clear skies at night have led to some ‘proper' autumnal weather for a change. I held a short course this morning entitled ‘the hidden uses of plants and trees'.  A small group of about 12 people joined me, and it was nice to get out and see all the golden shades (although first thing I didn't feel much like it after spending most of the night listening to a distant car alarm which was continuous from about 2am ‘til at least 9am!).

I thought perhaps it was going to be a wet day after yesterday's rain surge, which lasted up until 8pm until the local firework display kicked off - it was good timing for a change, although I think the credit crunch hit the display this year as there seemed far fewer fireworks than usual.

Books & Fireworks

I have been working on some wild food recipes this week after I was asked to participate in a new book coming out I think sometime in the spring. I will have updates on this probably next year.

As soon as the site has been modified I will get some new wild foods on here, and hopefully a new tutorial soon.

Thanks for reading!

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