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Frugal Living for MSN
20th June 2008

Frugal Living for MSN 

I spent several hours with Piper Terrett today. Piper runs Frugal Living for MSN. She’s been set a challenge to live frugally for a year, and of course a good way of doing this is living by the land! So, I was asked to help out in providing information on Wild Foods and useful plants and trees. We saw lots of different plants and trees that have all been used in the past for wild food. It was a pleasure to help her out on her quest for self-sufficiency.

Well, that’s all the relevant news this week, so I will leave it there for now. I have several courses coming up in the next few days so I will update the blog once they have been carried out. In the meantime it would be good to hear from my readers to see what you think of the new site so far?

Also, you will notice some images in this blog. Well, I happen to love wildlife photography, so you will see some of my work with each entry in the blog.

Bye for now!


Image of a Cardinal Beetle 

Frugal Living for MSN

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