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Wilma’s Traditional Fire Lighting Kit - Review
23rd July 2012

Traditional Fire Lighting Kit

There’s something very satisfying about creating an ember using a fire-drill set, but sometimes, if you’re feeling a little bit lazy, or if you’re a novice and want the fun of lighting a more natural fire without the extra work, then there’s always this delightful little fire lighting kit from Wilma!

The simple, yet traditional fire set comes complete in either box, or reindeer leather pouch, and contains all of the natural components you will need to light a fire in just seconds.

The kit includes a carbon steel striker (traditional firesteel), Amadou, wood shavings, a piece of fatwood, dried grass and some natural flint.

Fire Lighting Steel

The hand-forged striker is solid and easy to grip, and the generous piece of natural flint was of a good size to work with.

Tearing the Amadou left a soft, wispy edge, perfect for catching a primitive spark from the flint and striker. 

The types of sparks created with these old-style tools are quite different to those that will come from a modern firesteel rod, the striking action creates minute slivers of steel that peel away from the striker glowing orange/red as they settle onto the chosen tinder.

In my opinion the kit which comes with the reindeer leather pouch is the better option, as it’s more durable and of course can be used to carry lots of other foraged tinder and other fire-lighting tools.

Fire Lighting Kit in Reindeer Leather Pouch

All in all, the kit is a really nice addition to anyone’s kit, and offers a far more pleasing way of lighting fires than using a match or a lighter.  The kits make lovely presents for Christmas, or any other special occasion, they truely are unique!

You can buy your very own fire lighting kit via Greenman Bushcraft by visiting the links below.

Fire Lighting Kit (Boxed)

Fire Lighting Kit (in Reindeer Leather Pouch)

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