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The New Greenman Bushcraft Knife!
13th March 2013

Greenman Bushcraft Knife

Greenman Bushcraft Knife and Firesteel

I first thought up some ideas for a design of knife 10-15 years ago, and recently, I had the chance to put forward some of my ideas to make the knife a reality. So, I’m proud to say that as of today, the new Greenman Bushcraft Knife and Firesteel set is now available through Greenman Bushcraft.

Of course, as I helped design the knife, I may well be a little bias, but these really are lovely knives, and I’d like to thank Tim for his help in making these a reality. I will be putting up some further information relating to performance later this year, although I will probably advertise it as an overview of the knife and it’s spec, rather than a ‘review’ as such for obvious reasons, but I’m confident anyone who handles one of these will love them!

They’re not a low end knife, and this will be reflected in the price tag as each part is handmade, even the stitching on the sheaths are hand done, and in singles for an extra-long life.

I hope you all like them!

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Donald on 09/05/13

This knife looks lovely, but at >GBP300, I would be too frightened of losing it to take it anywhere.

I would be very proud to show it off to my friends though.

Mick on 24/04/13

If you click the link, Gary it will tell you everything you need to know. Expensive, but very nice indeed and knowing the work that goes into handcrafted knives it's worth every penny.

gary on 23/04/13

Would like to no the price

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