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My Top 10 Bits Of Bushcraft Equipment
15th August 2009

Maybe I have too much time on my hands today, or maybe I just want to write something. Either way I have decided to add my top TEN pieces of must have bushcraft and outdoor kit. This is not a definitive list of what you need; it’s just a few of my favourite bits to take with me sometimes. Although I usually travel light. The list is in no particular order.

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#10 Gransfors Wildlife hatchet

Gransford Wildlife Hatchet

The Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet is usually my choice of axe as its small, quite light and yet still heavy enough for larger tasks.  It’s also ideal for carving and more intricate jobs. Although currently I am field testing the new Gransfors Hand Hatchet which has performed very well so far and I will review this at a later date. Find out more at the address below


#9  Mora Spoon knife

Mora Spoon Knife

I always like to take a spoon knife with me if I know im going to be stopping off in some woodland. And my knife of choice (if I can only carry the one( if the Mora Double Edged Spoon knife.


#8  5.11 Trousers

Fjallraven Forester Trousers

These are the number one choice of bushcrafters trousers. Often seen being worn on TV by a certain someone, but you really don’t need to know that to know these are of great quality!


#7 Firesteel


There are lots of firesteels on the market, but I like this one. Maybe the reindeer motif swung it for me! ~These are used to start fires using a spray of hot sparks. You can use any semi-sharp edge to create sparks with them (usually the back of a knife) but most hard surfaces will work if they have an edge.

#6 Basha

Lightweight Basha

I have never really liked tents that much, so if I need a ‘roof’ over my head for the night I will opt for a basha, also known as a tarp. This one here is my usual choice as its very lightweight and packs smaller than most.


#5 Leather Tinder Pouch

Leather tinder pouch small

Leather Tinder Pouch Double Pocket

I like to collect natural tinder, and usually get in trouble at some point or another keeping it loose in my pockets, which always falls out! Anyway, these reindeer leather pouches are ideal. They come in two sizes.


#4 Bacho Laplander Saw

Bahco Laplander Bushcraft Saw

The Laplander saw is probably the best known bushcraft saw. It has an incredible edge. Which has never let me down on my travels.


#3 Fallkniven DC4 Whetstone

Fallkniven DC4 Whetstone

I always carry one of these sharpening stones with me. They are simply great for sharpening most knives. Just a few strokes, and you will have a great edge back on your knife!


#2 Helle Harding Bushcraft Knife

Helle Harding Bushcraft Knife

Fallkniven F1 Micarta

Mora 840MG

I will cheat here, as I’m going to list a few knives. I’m usually testing lots at any one time, currently the Fallkniven F1 micarta (a truly lovely knife). Another ‘basic’ knife I love to use is the Mora 840MG which is under £10!!!! And will beat many knives hands down for edge retention and performance. However, at this current time (other than my homemade knives) I like to use the Helle Harding Bushcraft Knife. This is a special knife to me for personal reasons, but its a joy to use too!


#1 Karrimor Sabre 45

Karrimor Sable 45

Well, with that kit you need a bag to put it all in. For a smallish bag I always opt for Karrimor. Especially the 45 Litre. They may cost more than some, but they wear better than any I have used. They really are second to none!

Please click any of the text above to view the products. Or go to to purchase any of the goods.

Thanks for reading

Catch you on the trail



wakefield on 05/02/12

I usually take a small back pack take a small bottle of wateri(smaller the bottle, smaller the temptation to drink) and a knife and a jacket and then go hiking and come back in a day or two. :)

Kris on 14/07/11

David, no, not if i'm on my own. I use what is provided naturally for basic needs. If i'm running a course then yes, I do always have a first aid kit to hand.

david on 02/07/11

thought a first aid kit would rate there somewhere, always packed and hopefully never used

Kris on 18/06/10

Hi Beth,

Greenman Bushcraft don't currently provide a paper copy of the products, but all can be seen at and there will be a new-look site out soon.

beth on 12/06/10

Do you have a catalog that can be mailed to the states. I live in Minnesota, USA Thank you.

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